Thursday, March 3, 2016

It Was Great!

Hey Y'all,

Hello everyone another week gone and that includes February. I can't believe that tomorrow we will be in March! Crazy! A lot happened this week including going to the temple with Emily for a temple walk.

Monday we got to spend our the rest of our preparation Day with a family in the ward and played Apples to Apples. It was fun and I love the family so much!

Tuesday we had a Relief society enrichment activity and it was great we were all to bring two items we would give away that are two of your favorite things or as a gift but they are two of your favorite things. So naturally I brought a bracelet and a picture frame with one of my favorite quotes. It was great and so fun! Lots of different things. In the end I got Vaseline lip balm and chocolate but I gave my lip stuff to Sister Beard. Emily came and brought two recipes. I wanted to get it so bad but I didn't pick her number from the bowl so she promised she would rewrite it for me!!!!! We are actually going to cook and bake with her and the Knights on Friday and include a lesson on The Word of Wisdom. We thought it was pretty appropriate lesson to do while we cook and have fun! hahaha!

Wednesday was interesting as we got to experience tornado weather. We would always leave an area when the tornado would come through the town. I was kind of bummed but I appreciate that we were safe! Funny story. We brought our leftovers for lunch after District meeting so our distinct went to Subway and we stayed at the church and waited. While we waited we got pouring rain and we had to wait longer at the church to travel home because the tornado came through.

On Saturday was when we went to the Temple with Emily and it was great! We talked about some of the ordinances that happen in it. We got to go into the waiting room and talk and even one of temple presidency counselor came and talked with us. We had a great discussion and the spirit there was so strong! We went over the interview questions for Baptism and then walked around and took pictures. We had great discussion too in the car and it was a great experience.

Sunday was great too! We had Stake Conference and heard great talks from lots of different people. One sister had a talk that I liked the most which was on Scripture Study. The way she gave it was like a sister in the General presidency would give it! It was a great chance to hear different topics that the Stake wanted us all to work on.

Well! This was my week and so glad that I got to go with Emily to the temple. The time to her baptism is getting shorter and shorter and she is so excited. I am so glad I get to be her missionary! Love you all! Have a great week! Next week brings the transfer news!


Sister Tayler Farr

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