Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Adventures of Sister Bingham & Sister Farr in Hope Mills!

Hey Y'all,

So a lot happened but we had so much fun this week! We got to go off-roading which led to someone's farm then through someone's front yard as we tried following my GPS. North Carolina has crazy address systems. We finally have gotten some of an idea of the area but still don't know how to tell our new investigators which ward they are in. We really need to make a map soon!

Monday we had a great P-Day. We got together with our Zone and played lots of outdoor games in the first really hot day of the year! We played Ultimate Frisbee with a football. I thought I was going to go crazy when Elders wouldn't throw me the ball but I showed them when we played kickball and I was able to catch a ball as it basically flew into my face! Never again will I stand close to the pitcher spot, all of the balls kicked by Elders go in that direction! :) We played missionary version of Football too where only sisters can touch sisters and Elders only Elders. I am proud to say I got our team some great touch downs as some of the sisters would forget about me and so I was not covered. I have never ran so hard in my life. I was sore all week! I would make my brothers proud!

Tuesday we had a very interesting day and nothing we planned went well. Every appointment canceled and somehow we met our neighbors son and started talking to him. He was going to be outside till his mom came home so we offered him some water and we found ourselves sharing the Book of Mormon with him. We taught him outside on the grass. It was so great and he is so funny! He is a very interesting kid. He doesn't like his moms church cause there's no yelling and crazy loud music. We told him about our sacrament meeting and he just said "Oh!" This little black kid has won my heart and he is just so funny! He always comes over to say hi and ask for us to help him with his door to get it to lock. We gave our car to the Elders so they could go met with President James while their car was being fixed not realizing that we had a dentist appointment for Sister Bingham and that we had a lesson to go to. We got a rides but when we were going to come home we found out our ride cancelled and we didn't want her to feel bad and said that the Elders we already back so we started walking home and got the Elders to pick us up. We got maybe half a mile and found a forest and found a stray dog. As crazy as we are we decided to try to get him. We got cut and scraps and I was thinking we might find snakes! We finally gave up but a lady was not happy with us when she saw us. But oh well! it was a memory. We laughed about it later. Yeah we were being pretty dumb.

Wednesday we had a great district meeting about baptisms and trying to always bring baptism into our teaching and even in a door contact. We tried it that night as we went to try some potentials. There was this one house that we tried and they listened mostly but we left empty handed. We went to the next one and as we got closer to the door a car pulled behind us. We noticed that as he got out he was wearing a probation bullet proof vest and said sorry I will only be a moment. He was a probation cop and so we took that as don't go to this door and moved to the next one. It was scary but funny and glad to see that God was protecting us. We did talk to one guy who we talked about our purpose in life and we got to apply what we learned in district meeting and we told him that the Holy Ghost is that guide to help you know what to do. At first he was trying to get us to leave but we talked about the spirit world and he listened but still we left without a possible return appointment. I have seen a big improvement with how I tract but it is hard when people still reject when you see they love what they hear or feel the spirit and still say no.

On Thursday we were able to get a new investigator who was a Bible referral. We talked with her on her porch and when we started talking about her job she let us in. She works with the foster system. She is great and loves serving. She told us her son had died and wants to know he is happy and safe. She knows he watches over her. We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and we felt the spirit so strongly and she had tears coming down her face. We got a return appointment and we are so excited. After though is what struck me. We said goodbye and left and once we got on the road trying to get home on time. Sister Bingham pulls over and says we should pray. she offered it and gave a wonderful gratitude prayer. I haven't done that in a while and it was a great reminder that we need to be grateful and show God we notice he is mindful and is guiding us to those who need us.

Friday we also found a new investigator. We were driving to find potential and referrals and as we came around a corner we saw a woman in her electric wheelchair with her dog. We decided to stop and talk with her. We told her we just wanted to come to say hi and meet her. She was so sweet and started to cry. she was so grateful that we would just stop to say hi. She then asked who are girls? We told her we were representatives and we are missionaries for our church and started to teach her the restoration. She loved it and she told us she knew we must be followers of Christ. We are also seeing her again this week.

Sunday was crazy as always. We gave talks in 2nd ward and taught gospel principles in 1st and also co-taught in young women. We had an investigator come who we didn't know who was and we had dropped. She kind of ignored us but we were glad to see her. She is a hard one but she will join because of her member friends someday!

I am sure I could share a lot more of this week to show the many adventures we have here in Hope Mills and in doing the work of the Lord but really its so nice to see that we can have fun in doing what we love and what is so hard sometimes! I hope you all have a great week! I wanted to socially congratulate Jonathon and my new Sister Jessica! I can barely wait for July and I am so glad that I will be able to be there! Its great to  know this plan of happiness and know that they can be together forever! I will finally get a sister! Love you all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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