Friday, April 15, 2016

True Fruits of our Labors......Even if you get sick!

Hey Y'all,

So we really kicked butt this week and truly saw all the work we did at the beginning of getting here not knowing where to even start and was able to get so much done! I hate all the hours of planning it consumes but in the end so grateful to what it come to be!

Monday was...... well interesting. We got played volleyball as a district in Lumberton! It was way fun and I honestly never knew I was so competitive! We saw Rosemarie with the senior couples and taught her the Restoration! It was great and she is quickly quitting smoking and wants to be baptized so much!

Tuesday we got to go to a members home to teach her friend and we taught the Plan of Salvation! She is Baptist! She is so smart and asked really good questions. Some were hard to answer but it was fine since we could feel the spirit and it definitely guided the discussion! We then went tracting in a small trailer park. I did lots of the talking since Sister Bingham still didn't have her voice but we got to one trailer and I just froze and said "the stupid not way we will get in approach" and said Hello we are the missionaries from the ______ and we are sharing a messages about Jesus Christ would you be interested. Normally everybody says yep I know him and slam the door but she let us right in. We taught her the Plan of salvation/ Restoration and her two little girls were so cute!

Thursday was a busy day and the craziest as I woke up with a bad cold. We had 7 lessons planned and 5 were a success! We got to teach Rosemarie the Word of Wisdom and she loved it and understood. She is doing so good and I love her! She is one funny lady! We went to see another investigator we got last week and he was at the hospital and so we taught his wife and she really knows her Bible. We had the bishop's wife with us and she gave such a strong testimony. The wife loved the part of Joseph Smith and it took a lot of explaining about the Book of Mormon doesn't replace the Bible but they go together!

Friday we got another great lesson with a member where we got to see some of the 4 teenagers that we found awhile back at a trailer park (celestial trailer park) and they had all kinds of questions again and we had probably about 8 kids listening in. We taught mainly about faith and the Holy Ghost! We tried to help them understand the reason for the faith so the Holy Ghost can even do his job. One of the girls wanted proof and tried asking us to tell her to tell us that we know that this church is true not by faith but my sure and not for our families but truly for ourselves. At first I hesitated and I think I doubted but I saw it different than I had before! I remember the experiences I have had to testify and never doubted. Have people tell me I'm wrong and how much it bothered me afterward! Why would I love something then to in the end just say no! I said proudly to this 19 year old girl! Heck Yes! YES! No denying and no hesitating !!!!!!

Saturday we went to Holly Springs to where Sister Bingham served last to attend a baptism and man my companion is truly such a great missionary I love her and she is a great example to me! She has so much love for those she teaches! We had a great time and I can't wait to go to Emily's on Saturday!

Well sorry this week I lost time! I hope you all have a great week! Continue looking for the light of Christ and all the blessing you receive they are truly everywhere!


Sister Tayler Farr

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