Thursday, April 28, 2016

Food Poisoning and a whole lot of Crazy!

Hey Y'all,

SO like with my title we got Food Poisoning from a member! I felt bad after but we ate but didn't think of anything either but then we started having symptoms of it and then we knew when we just had bad stomach pains! So this week was kind of all mixed up! But we still got to do a lot! Being sick as a missionary is the worst! Not getting to eat food though was hard! Today and yesterday was like the first day we have been able to eat solid foods.

Monday we had a great Preparation Day! We were going to try to get some souvenirs but the stores weren't the best and all the good ones were not in the zone or area. That night we had dinner with the Stake President and his family and he gave us a lot of people to see. We tried to see a  lot of them after dinner. we tried one Less active who wasn't home but we got to talk with the neighbor. They are great at first it was kind of hard to teach them since they didn't really understand what we said but when we showed them the Book of Mormon and started testifying you could see their faces light up.

Tuesday was a great day! We had an appointment set up with a lady who's husband is a deacon in there church but they don't go anymore because of the people. We were really nervous but she really loved it! Her husband pretty much told us to not teach him and he is good where he is, but his wife was just so willing to listen! We started with a scripture in the bible that talked about the kingdom of glory. We were going to teach the restoration so when she pulled out the scripture I was kind of scared, but we got to explain it to her a little and then went into the restoration. We got all the way to the First Vision and she didn't really understand it but we told about the Book of Mormon and we opened it and read a scripture she just started crying and said I get it I understand it! She told us she has had a hard time understanding the bible and was excited to be able to study with us to help her but that she loved that she read it and didn't need us to help her understand. It was amazing and I remembered what Elder Dube from the Seventy said when he came to visit our mission. " Never give away a closed Book Of Mormon" She loved that we told her she could have it! It was such a great lesson and so glad to know that just being simple and sharing what you love is all that is required but God will give us the words that they need to hear. When we read 1 Corinthians 15:40 first I was so confused and was scared as to what would happen but started with it helped her be comfortable with us.

Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We have been given new training on starting to get the members more involved with the work to get referrals and to help do Family Mission Plan and so we got to practice! We practiced teaching the Restoration and then introducing the mission plan to them! It was good and not the best but so glad that it was just practice! I never thought I would ever say this but Role Plays are the best and help so much so the real thing doesn't crash and burn! But I had a feeling that this would really be my last district meeting here and yes it is going to be!

The rest of the week was kind of shot since we got food poisoning but really being sick is the worst and I was glad to get out when we taught a new member lesson with a recent convert with a ward missionary. Sunday was great but from the week not eating a lot got to us. All though church I had a terrible headache and I knew that it was finally getting to me. Thankfully I didn't to dehydrated!

So like I said I am getting transferred again! I don't know where but tomorrow I will find out! I also found out that one of my past companion's were going home and Sister Bingham is too she is just too sick and needed to figure out what was wrong! So till tomorrow I am with one of my past companions Sister Ibarra till then and it is great to see each other! I know that I am so close to all my companions and it is amazing! Some other missionaries think I'm crazy but really I think I needed them more than I thought and I gave them what they needed! I am bummed that two of my companions went home and I wish I could have helped but thy both knew it was time and they got answers that it was right! I love knowing that God has the power to make things like that happen and once you know you know! This week was one of those hard one but I had a lot of time to study and really learn how to receive and ask for things we need and to recognize prompting and revelation! I always remember telling my Mission prep teacher (Aunt Lori) that I wanted to learn that on my mission! Its better but I still have to learn hoe I receive it best! But I know God is mindful and is ready to teach me and tell me what I need but sometimes I already know and I just need to do what I need too! I have learned a lot of personal worth and know that I am strong to be here as long as I have been and as much as the small time I have left I can do so much!

I hope you all have a great week and I wanted to share D&C 6-9 They are great section on receiving revelation all given to Oliver Cowdery, but it helps you understand how God gives it to us! I hope you all are well and safe! next week I will let you k now where I am! Love You all!


Sister Tayler Farr

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