Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Thank you to everyone who made a card for me. I have read 3 and have 29 more to go! Great idea on Mom's part! It's crazy to think that I am at the last month! It is crazy! Time is just getting away from me! This week though it was amazing to see just how much more I am doing to as the Lords Servant. I have been pondering a lot about the things I have learned on my mission and the list keeps getting bigger. A lot of what I learned I feel God is showing me daily all of the lessons and skills I have learned getting out to the test and helping me notice them so much more! God is really amazing and is definitely helping me finish strong!

Monday was again a visit to the beach. We have members in the Ward who own a little diner and have to go through them for a pier walk. Members know how to treat us. They got us free breakfast and a free pier walk. I think I talked about it in my last weeks letter.

This week we worked a lot with Wendy and WOW! what great experiences we are having with her. We have been teaching her and really debating if we should invite her to be baptized. Every time we planed to it just didn't seem right. On Friday was probably the best. we had planned to read a talk with her from conference about being a Child of God and we wanted to watch it on the tv. Luckily it worked and so as we were just watching other videos. sister Higbee came across the Full Restoration video which is telling the whole story of Joseph Smith with his mother doing the narrations. It was definitely by the spirit that we were supposed to watch it with her. Wendy loved it and she was just glued to the movie. We had to leave before it was over and she was saying that she was having a Physical reaction to this movie. She has goose bumps, had being feeling really warm and just felt refreshed. she didn't know how else to explain it. We asked her questions to help her realized that is was the spirit. It was really strong now! She was saying this is how I feel the spirit. What is it trying to tell me? We both testified that it is saying that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true and all the bad things happen to us like the horrible persecution the saints went through was to help make them strong. Later that night we were texting her and she respond with " I really want to make things right with God and I want to join the church! I never thought she would say that but I know knew why we didn't feel right but that she needed to want it. She is getting a baptism date this week for sure! We haven't have a lesson with her since then and so we will be committing her to a date soon.

This week we have been focusing on finding! We have tracted a lot and man I just got tired of it this week. I was kind of dragging my feet as we drove over there. But I knew I had to and that I needed to have faith that we will find someone or at least will be able to have a great experience. I prayed about that and man god is amazing. We had two great conversion! One of which I thought would not listen to us, but she talked and told us some things she didn't feel that is right that we believe. Some of it was wrong and some we had to clarify but at the end we were able to share our testimony and she relaxed. She felt bad that we have been misguided or something but once we told her that we except Christ she was nicer and sounded more like a conversation of us all sharing our testimony then when it started with correcting us.

Sorry again I have run out of time and so I just want to end with one experience. we had a lesson with a part member family. The husband is the non member and has wanted to join in the past but he wasn't ready and so he stopped working toward baptism. He is an amazing man and is really close. He doesn't want to commit until he really is and is very sincere. We taught him about the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it really was a great lesson where the spirit was present and so we were able to be bold with him and help address his concerns. He has a concern with being able to know enough to commit to a calling or teach and follow all the standards. I felt the whole time that we need more people like you. I finally told him that it's okay that your not ready. We can tell you really want it for you and you understand covenants and promises you will be making and that will give you a stronger conversion but to not let these set backs from allowing YOU peace. He sat there and then told us. Well, now you have given me things to think about. we both testified and ended with a prayer. He is amazing and his wife is a great example. I love seeing those people who want to right and be true followers of the Lord!

Well another great week and another has started I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your week! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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