Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wendy and Us!
Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! A lot has happened and we had a really great week! we found 4 new investigators and one was just contacting at a park! We had lots of funny experiences! We saw crabs, frogs, found a legit tree house and got to tract it, survived the first bad week of welcoming to the horrid humid summer and got our car hit with chocolate pudding on the side of our car by kids as a school bus was passing by- grateful my window was up when just about 5 minutes earlier it was down. By the way just before we had driven to go contact people we had gotten a car wash! It was a funny week but still one I don't think I will ever forget!

Malachi and Wendy! Love Them!
We saw our investigator Wendy! She is doing really well! We see her about 5 times a week! Grateful that she is in our complex. We had dinner with her on Monday and taught her about the atonement using a paper airplane! When I see you ask me how I do that and I will show you! We have started teaching her the Plan of Salvation and making sure it is very simple! It has been great and she loves it we haven't gotten passed the Atonement in the Plan of Salvation but she is really showing interest more and more every lesson we have. Her five year old son came to church and so I can see that she is really wanting it for herself but wants it for Malachi too! We had a problem in Nursery with him and they went home early but everything is good! He did a great job in Sacrament. Its true that children really can amaze us and he amazed all of us with how well he did. I loved coloring with him for sure!

Wednesday we had a great Zone Training and again another great meeting full of revelation and honest learning hearts. Our last instruction was my favorite we talked about Sacrifice vs. Devotion in missionary work. We sacrifice but when we are devoted we even give up our agency! That hit me hard! We then read in the Doctrine in Covenants about how Christ did come to earth imperfect but progressed much more than we ever will and became perfect! It was great and really made me think! I love this Gospel and so grateful to be able to be a missionary and be around so many great ones to learn from as well!

Friday we had a dinner with a friend of some of the members. She is not an investigator or interested but loves to serve the missionaries. We had pizza and apple sauce. She always has to have apple sauce with pizza! its a mom thing, have to have your fruits. It was so fun with her! she is Catholic and we got to share a message and she did one too! We stopped by an older member who was just about to leave with his daughter. He is home bound but so sweet! He gave us a referral for his neighbor and we found out  that the daughter she already comes with the Bishops daughter, there best friends, and is going to girls camp and youth conference! We are trying to find out if she has ever been invited to take the lessons! Everyone says she is going to marry a Mormon boy! We will see what will happen but she is sweet girl!

Well like I said before in the past sometimes tracting and contacting strangers is not my favorite but it helps when it is actually fruitful. We have been wanting to find good new people to teach and so it lead to trying former's and potentials, but died fast so we tracted a lot this week and contacting and we found like I said four new investigators. On Saturday we had decided to go contact at a park. When we got there no one was there except a man at the tennis courts. I figured he might be an instructor. We were thinking we would come back to him but I was like I can start the conversation easy. Tennis Hello! Long story short we talked about prophets, faith and Christ! We set up an appointment again at the park in between his lessons. He is Polynesian and is a sweet man! He has been prepared and he even said on one of these Mondays we can play with him! I was excited about that! But haven't played so might be terrible! He loves teaching left handers! Which I thought instructors hated teaching lefties but he loves it! Says they are more successful! I was happy about that!

Sunday like I said Wendy came with her son and it was great! We can really see more desire in Wendy she is getting closer to baptism and we noticed we have been waiting to ask her to be baptized when we felt she was ready but we feel that is a mistake now! We are repenting big time! She is moving forward so quickly and is amazing us and we can see her happier! She is even asking to help with activities and asks us before we even give her a committed what we want her to read and study this week! She is amazing and now we just need to work on her mom!

At the beach! Ocean Isle Beach
I love being here in Shallotte and I love all we are doing so much is happening and so many great experiences! And as Bishop Fish has said you will be probably married and with kids and still realizing all you really learned on your mission has helped you in your life! I have heard people say that a mission is about 10 years of experiences in just 18-24 months! I can truly testify of that! I have learned so much and will yet have more to learn! Here is to another great looking week! Have a blessed week y'all! Love you! :)


Sister Tayler Farr

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