Thursday, June 2, 2016

This is a small report this week but seriously I could say more!

Hey Y'all,

Well what a week! We had a pretty crazy week! Monday we had exchanges with our sister Training leaders and we had fun! I stayed in Shallotte. We found new investigators by tracting! It was a great experience.

Wednesday we had a potluck as a district and we brought Darth Vader Waffles. So good! We had a lesson with Vikki tonight again on Patriarchal blessings. She is getting hers on June 19th and so excited for her! She is just amazing! I just hope to get her to go to the temple next!

Thursday was a good day and we were able to even finish weekly planning go see people except I got the car stuck as we were driving home from trying to contact a former investigator. I got it really stuck. Some of the neighbors came over to help us get it out and they had to jack it up on wood planks and then have me try to back it up from off the wood planks. It was really embarrassing but we got potentials from the experiences and we are going to be visiting them soon. I really do think that God has a sense of humor since He let this happen!

Last week I told you about Wendy our new investigator! She is amazing and we had a great lesson with her and got to meet her mom. We got a text from her asking for us to meet at the pool. She told us some stuff and we got her to come to church! In the last 24 hours we can see just how much the Spirit is working on her and she came to church Sunday without a problem!

Sunday was great! With it being the 5th Sunday we had combined meeting and we, the Ward mission leader, and our favorite ward missionary talked to the members about Family mission plans. We talked about all the success and fun and the gratitude for all their help. Sister Sanchez talked about the fears, and why we do missionary work. The WML talked about everything. He was bold but it was great and so inspired. We weren't nervous and none of the other two said anything they were planning on to say. It was a very Spirit led meeting and so excited to work more with the ward with missionary work! Shallotte is going to be flying this next transfer with so many potential and great experiences I just hope I am here!

This is a small report this week but seriously I could say more! I have so much on my mind! We had interviews with President and Sister James and it was great. They are amazing and Sister James is the sweetest! I cry and she does the hugging! hahaha! I got a blessing from Bishop Fish and had Sister Higbee take notes! I am glad I did. It was full so much! and from everything he said I have so much more to do and my time is getting shorter and I know that God has so much more for me to do! Like get Wendy to the waters of Baptism! Love you all and know that I am thinking of you! Have a great and blessed week!


   Sister Tayler Farr
Sister Tayler Farr

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