Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shallotte is stuck with me!

Hey Y'all,

So from my title this week I am happy and grateful to say that I am staying in Shallotte and Shallotte is stuck with the famous Sister Farr! Having to tell everybody that it was a possibility really scared me this time and I really didn't want to leave Wendy and Vikki! But truly I am beyond excited to also announce I am staying with Sister Higbee and she gets to help me stay sane for the last 6 weeks of my mission......which is hard to say and never thought it would come to this, but I am making sure these last 6 weeks is not mine but Christ's and that I am just is mouth piece in it all!

This week is really a big blur and so I am going to start from Sunday!

Sunday was great Wendy came and we had a great timer at church! We were able to tell the Ward that we are staying and Bishop Fish was happy to hear it! We had a great talk with, like always and he is just a great Bishop and that any missionaries dream is to have one just like him! We talked about my plans after the mission and he gave me some ideas and things to think about and we talked about our investigators and other people are working with. We were able to make contact or see everyone he has asked us to see which we made sure to do (advice from Dad) and it was great to report. He was excited to hear people we were able to make contact he was afraid wouldn't get us a time of day! After that we had to rush over to Ocean Isle Beach and had lunch with a less active and her husband. It was great food but boy it was filling! We had a great time with her and got to know her more and will  might be given a new missionary opportunity with her daughter coming to live with them for a while! She was so excited to tell us so we can influence her! I just love this women and just love how she loves the gospel! Sunday night I seriously have come to see that God has a sense of humor and I just am not the smartest when it comes to driving in Shallotte. Again I got us into a ditch but this time it was because of the wet muddy ground! Again we used it as a missionary tool and we got it out fine but I don't think I will be trying to turn like that ever again for certain for now on or will rudely just have to make Sister Higbee back me! I got to see how people use chains to get people out of ditches and next time someone needs help at least I will know what to do! hahaha! yeah! Later that night we got to members home lucky we were only 5 minutes late. It was the family we visited awhile back where they were all return missionaries! We talked about the Family mission Plan and how to start and continue to do missionary work. They told us what they have been doing and come to find out one of them since he has a really bad medical condition that deals with a difference in his blood flow in his body he shares the gospel through video games! I thought that was awesome! We talked a lot about mission experiences and they gave us a lot to think about! I kind of ended the night with a little self pity cry and feeling bad and allowing Satan to get to me! But realized that I just got to push and make the best out of this and finish strong and that it is really okay to think about the future and what next months bring, and so forth. I honestly think Sister Higbee was going to shake me into reality or something she was very sweet and listened well! She is amazing and now its like all good but man it was a kind of a rough night for us!

With that being said Saturday was a great day and we had great experience! We had gotten a referral from family in the ward and so we visited them and they let us right in and they loved when we started talking about the Book of Mormon! We left them with it to read till we came back. We didn't get a return appointment. They are older and so they have lots of doctor appointments so they are calling us. We saw Wendy and taught about the story of Esther! she loved it and we watched a video of Courage! Esther definitely showed courage and faith! We ended the night seeing a less active and his family. They were all a big hoot and lets just say I was very much comfortable and was my normal crazy self and it was great we left with a bible scripture and prayer. We were invited to come back! Some day this family will join!

Friday we got to have another great lesson with our other investigator Jeff. Not sure if I used his name yet but we read the talk His Grace is Sufficient and had a member from the Bishopric with us. We knew they would have fun and we were right. They really hit it off and found that they both have had near death experiences. Neither one of them should be alive and One had about 10 shots in his body and still he lived!

We have seen a lot of people this week and sadly we couldn't show it but I have learned that this week! That it better to focus on the people and not the number behind it. Even if it means we are late to another lesson or we simply don't share anything but we show love and that we care! I knew that but recently I have forgotten it! All in all I am so grateful to be staying here in Shallotte! To see where we are now I can;t wait what the next 6 weeks bring! We have had great experience, learned new things, definitely have learned from each other and we have so much that we can do now and the area is really starting to just be amazing! The work is truly being Hastened her in Shallotte and I have never seen so much potential in one area like this before and I am grateful to be able to serve here in this piece of the Lord's Vineyard! I hope you all have a great and Blessed Week and I am sending my love to you from North Carolina!


Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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