Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Happy 4th of July! Its crazy to think thtis time l,ast year I was hitting my 6 month mark this month and Sister Galloway and I were on our way to go to a parade! It;'s crazy to look back and see even how different I am now! This week I learned a very valuable lesson on Service not as a missionary but service in general and service that means work! Sister Higbee and I this week had an opportunity to do service in the church library and did lots of organizing and cleaning! We found great treasures, old church stuff and witnessed by the things we found of how much our church has grown, changed in curriculum, and in how we are with the times! It's crazy how much stuff we throw out and how much stuff I had never seen. We found ward photos and videos. We did a lot and it looks amazing! Bishop Fish was so happy! We were afraid that some of the members would be angry at how much was changed but everyone loved it!

With Sunday being fast Sunday and some of the members during the week reminding me it would be my last fast Sunday here I shared my testimony with the ward and I have to say I can see such a big difference in my from when I first came out. The words flow easier and I can feel the spirits impact increase as I talk! Also, I told Vikki that before I went home I wanted to hear her share her testimony! I was amazed at she said she would but that she wouldn't be saying much! I was so excited and grateful that she would and she gave a short but powerful testimony. I told her if it would help she could write it down and read from it. (she was afraid the words wouldn't come as she stood up there). She said some of the things she said weren't what she had written down but what she said about the Book of Mormon and that the church was true was! Her simple testimony was amazing and it was touching to see that it is possible to find people with that quick conversion and ability to quickly except the restored gospel as the true church! We had lots of people talking about the gratitude of the men and women who have fought for our freedom and during Relief Society we had the Primary come through the room with flags and we gave us a parade. It is a ward tradition and the kids were so cute! It's was humbling to see how much this ward seriously show their respect and support for those who fight for us and for the gratitude to have this country with so much freedom!

Saturday was another great and fabulous day! It was the missions Ahuna Ohana! I think I had mentioned it! President James had his family come from Hawaii and other places to come perform. It was great and I loved the Haka the most! Made me think of Forever Strong and my brothers! I have a video to show y'all later! It was to show culture and family and there importance! It was a great missionary tool and we haven't seen much from it yet but we did see it motivate the members. We got 3 new investigators and 1 potential from member referrals! Wendy, Malachi, and Vikki came and we all drove together! It was a great event and the work we all in the mission really showed off!

This week we saw Wendy and continue to prepare her for her Baptism. She had a rough week and a lot is happening but she is becoming one great missionary and is moving to really opening up and letting us pretty much hand her the gospel! She is soaking it up! I love her!

Love you all and have a great 4th! This week I learned the blessing of service and saw the blessing coming so fast! Find someone to serve and you won't regret! God loves you and I love you!!!!

Have a great week!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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