Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hey Y'all,

Well! What a week it has been and a great one at that! I had my last temple trip on my mission! We went with Vikki and she got to do Baptisms for the first time while we were in the session! She was done way before we were and so I was bummed to have missed her but I will have other experiences and be able to see her receive her endowments next May!

Sunday was a good day! We had about 180 visitors and we had every seat filled! We had a family that brought 72 people and another family brought about 12. Some were even from Garner and so I got to see some familial faces! It was so fun to see them! We tracted before dinner! I had fun with fire ants playing on my foot and trying to talk to someone! I was looking like I was dancing as I tried to get them off! Fire ants hurt! My foot was like on fire and not the best experience or one I ever want to experience again! But good times and we have a great potential to work with now! We had a lesson with our new investigator. We are teaching him and his Wife. She wasn't there but we had a great member with us and so we got to teach more about the Book Of Mormon! We had a bad storm so we left early. They live on a sandy street and he was worried about us so we had a shirt lesson with him but will see them this week too! They are so elect and are hungry for the gospel. They have great questions and are just so ready to learn! They have gone through a lot and are wanting to change there life for the better! They are so humble and want to do good for God and for there two girls! Oh and they have a pet squirrel! I got a video of Alvin! I got to feed him cheerios! We finished the night with Wendy and Malachi and grandma coming over to our apartment and they gave me a goodbye Card! They couldn't wait till next week! I tried so hard not to cry and was able to a little bit but I know next week it will just kill me!

Saturday was the temple trip! It was so fun! It was hard to realize that this will be my last time to attend the temple as a full time missionary and with President and Sister James but I was glad to go and have Vikki with us! It was a long drive 3 hours with no air conditioning with 98 degree weather with thick humidity! It was rough but so worth it! Like I said Vikki got to do baptism while we were in the session! It was sad to miss her but she came out glowing! It was great to see her gratitude for her family to be baptized and she was just so happy and loved it!

Friday was a great day too! We had  lesson with the investigator couple and had a member who is a recent RM and the one who referred us to them! He met them selling them his car before he left for Utah State! He had to leave early but he shared a beautiful powerful testimony and explained the Book of Mormon so beautifully!

Wednesday was my last Zone Training and it was great! We played jeopardy and with the topics someone would instruct and teach during each question asked and then taught more! I am happy to say I know Preach my Gospel more than I thought I did! :)

Well! What a week! Crazy to think that I am now in the single numbers! I seriously woke up to day with no energy but as I have feasted ion the words of Christ and dedicated this last week to work hard I feel so ready to get going I feel so grateful to know the principle of lose yourself and go to work! I have said that a lot over the last 18 months! I have found that  I didn't really follow the lose myself in service but have lost ,myself to try to be such a great missionary I became robotic almost or a fake Sister Farr! I have learned that NEVER CAN ANYONE DO MISSIONARY WORK TRYING TO BE ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES! I am who I have become because simply I am growing to what I am now but am still me but a changed me because of the service and the atonement! I have earned such a distinct love and gratitude more for my Savior than I have before! I am gained a more love for my brothers and sisters and I know without a doubt that I had before I just blinded but I have been given sight and be able to give that sight to others! I know why missionaries change when they serve with all their might, mind, heart and strength! It's because they change because they are learning like the Savior told us to do it and promised us the outcome of doing it and we will be blessed! I know that to be true not only for me, but for my family! My family have had hard times and lost friends and family but one thing they haven't lost or I haven't lost the hope and joy from the gospel! Really I can see I and my family have increased in the understanding of the gospel! I love this Church and know it is true! I love those I share it with and see them change! I am changing with them!!!!!

Love y'all! Have a blessed week!


Sister Tayler Farr

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