Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sister Farr you are being transferred......Again!

Hey Y'all,

Yes I am getting transferred again and leaving Pembroke! I am not a happy camper and I spent most of my night hoping to wake up! I have never felt the way I did ever for having to leave my other areas as I did last night! There is too much I feel I can do here and to much people I have helped and loved and was hoping to see get baptized. I have seen lots of people change and I am floored at all the progress they have all made. Like last time when I left Hillsborough and came here I know that I will soon find out why I came there I just want to be mad still for a little while longer. I am not excited to pack again.

This week was great and sadly we had some lessons cancel but we did have other great lessons that made up for them. On Tuesday we had lots of lessons with our investigators. We had 3. Two was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the other was the Plan of Salvation. One of our investigators whom we have had to push the date back a little. She is still flourishing and is doing so well and her motivation is motivating to me. She is so great! She wants to move out from her daughters and move into her own place so she can be more in tune with the spirit and have more time for the Lord. She continues to amaze me! Of the other we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ she is working on getting married so she can get baptized. Every time we get close to it Satan seems to say "Sorry nope!" But she is determined to win and get done what she needs! I am just so amazed at all the things these ladies re going through and shocked at how Satan is trying to stop them but there Faith is to grounded in Christ and they are going to do what God wants them to do.

On Wednesday we had to leave District meeting early as we noticed we scheduled a lesson right as we would have been done. But it all worked out and the couple we were teaching had family there so we got to teach all of them. The son was the one who was hooked from the beginning but as we started leading into talking about the Book of Mormon he got stubborn and just said as we offered him one he said "No, I don't need anymore scripture. I have all I need which is the bible." We tried to share our testimonies about the Book of Mormon and shop that it is not replacing the bible or is different from the Bible It has the pure and precious things that were taken from the bible as it was translated so many different times. We read them the promise and they still were not following. Then I remembered a scripture in Ezekiel about the stick of Judah and the stick of Ephraim and the bible is even prophesying about the Boom Of Mormon and how it will never replace or say anything against the Bible it only goes hand in hand. They were starting to be more open but the son got up and said he had to go and left. It was saddening and I kept thinking that we must have done something wrong or we had tried to proof we were wrong but really we weren't doing anything wrong we were doing everything right. We shared the gospel and let him decide if he wanted a copy. Yes it was sad that he didn't want it but also maybe just maybe we got him thinking and sometime in the future he may except the gospel.

On Wednesday night we had our Trunk or Treat and it was so fun! As some of you saw me and Sister Olive dressed up as the Book of Mormon and the Bible! We had lots of our Investigators come and we had some Recent Converts and less active families come. We had a new family who came and there daughter was dressed like Anna from Frozen and I was determined to get a picture wit her! She was the cutest! The Ward does things a little different. They have it all outside! (I got lots of bug bites!) Everyone who wants to give out candy had there car decorated and a game. For the kids to get Candy they and to play the game. We had pin the spider on the Ghost and Mama Ang did balloons with darts, We had lots of great games and lots of people who came. We however under estimated the amount of candy we needed and had lots left over! It was a success. We were expecting rain and it waited until everything was cleaned up and everyone was gone except for those cleaning before it just down poured and luckily we had took our decoration down. It was great fun and was quite a blessing that the rain had waited and didn't destroy the fun! And who said that missionaries can't dress up?

Sunday was another great day as Sunday always is (until 9 when In heard I was leaving). We taught our 10 year old investigator and taught her about Enduring to the End, Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and Teaching and Learning. With everything we have taught her I haven't seen her retain so much as she had this week. She is retaining and learning so much. She will definitely be ready for December 5th! We weren't able to have our investigator Mary come to church as she had gotten severely sick, but we had a great lesson with her and her daughter. We taught the importance of Scripture study, Prayer, and obedience. They really liked the lesson and her daughter is now our new investigator.

As much I hate to leave the Lumbees here in Pembroke I will always remember all that I learned that I am grateful for all that I was able to grow here. It was definitely my most different and most difficult area, but I also feel that myself as a missionary and a person has grown. It has helped me be grateful for the environment in how I was raised and how much my ward had done for me as a primary kid and young women. I worked along side a lot of the ward auxiliaries and heard crazy things but I saw so much love all the leaders have for everyone in the ward. I felt so much love but all the love and kindness the members showed me and I really loved being able to talk to someone I could call my Mom! I learned that I need to be more Humble and be more grateful for all I have and that anyone can change. The Atonement is real and I have seen so many people with addictions and things they want to stop doing to be better people to follow Christ! The Atonement changes you and shapes you and molds you. One thing I learned the most here in Pembroke is the importance of family. Everyone here is Kin. When there is a need people don't think about themselves they think of others before them. I learned true Christlike love and you can only find that through service to your fellowmen, our brothers and sisters and who is all children of God! I love my Lumbee's and just cause I am leaving Pembroke my heart will always stay here! I hope you all have a great week and I hope you can all find someone you can serve this week! I can promise you it will bring you much Joy!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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