Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adventures in the new Area!

Hey Y'all,

This week has been pretty crazy! We have been really busy and we biked...... A LOT! We are trying to get on our feet with the area, but just when we think we are getting somewhere our Ward Mission Leader is released and the Elders are getting taken out of the ward. So we are going to have some interesting next couple of weeks and tomorrow is Interviews with President James!

First this week we found a new investigator! She is very elect! We left the lesson feeling like she has lots of potential. We rode our bikes to see her as our member had to cancel on us and so we went. We forgot that we were going to do service and then leave with a lesson and see if she may be interested with us teaching her. Also, telling her that our purpose is to invite others to Christ and we would love to help her but unless she becomes a investigator we can only come help every so often so we can fulfill our purpose. We started to tell her our purpose and told her that we wanted to help her come closer to Christ and that we would love to come help her anyway we can but we want to help her spiritually too. We talked about the Book of Mormon, The Atonement and I felt very impressed to share my story of having Seizures and she was just sop interested in how I could still love God for having had such a hard time. She has been hurt by other people not caring that she struggles. In the past she has helped people but she is disabled and can't do things by herself. We told her that we can tell her everything about the gospel and share what we believe but Christ is the only one who knows what she is truly feeling. We let her know that we are his messengers and that we can help her see Christ in her life. She was really interested and was excited to set up a return appointment. We found out a our coordination meeting that the remember was going to come to help tell her that coming to help her was not her purpose and that she was not interested in learning about the gospel at all. We were surprised and so glad that we were able to be let by the spirit to help her.

We had lots of lessons with the members and one family stood out to me. They have three kids and there oldest is Autistic. They are so patient and so loving and will spend hours and hours online learning about disabilities and Autism so they can understand and help there son. It was amazing to see the love and kindness and patience they had. It reminded me about how things all happen for a reason and I wasn't surprised when she told me her degree was in Special Education. I told her about me and how mom was also in specially education and had that education and with it has helped me. We played a game with them about Sacrifices and they were able to teach there children about important the gospel is. It got heated at one when there son thought we were literally taking away his things. His mom sacrificed her phone to allow her son to have his games. It helps him to learn and is very soothing for him. I saw and witnessed motherly love and I saw this game in such a different way. It helped me to know that I need to work towards my degree in Special Education too and that I will have a chance to help other kids as well.

On Saturday was a great Tender Mercy! We didn't get to see many people but we mostly spent the day biking to see people but they would either not be  home or thy were too busy and didn't want us to come in to share a lesson. We got lost probably about 4 times and biked about a total of 6 miles for the whole day. We were on our way and we got lost again trying to take bike trails instead of busy roads which most don't have sidewalks. We were getting close but the son was starting to go down. We both didn't think it would be save to bike in the dark and so we didn't know which way to go that would be both easier, safer, and quicker we figured out that a bike trail and the road would get us home but we didn't know which would be faster. We were freezing, tired, and really stressed out. We decided to pray ( which I realize now we should have done first). We decided that the bike trail was where we should go and then prayed to have the confirmation. While I was praying we both felt the spirit and I felt peace. We ended our prayer and decided that we felt that we needed to take the trail. It let us home and right as we got to our door was when we lost the last bit of light. We had a gratitude prayer and I felt so loved and it was amazing! I learned that even though we may be thinking we can know what we are doing and have a pretty good idea what to do, turning to the Lord is better than to guess and then realize that we have made the wrong mistake. We could just have guessed and hoped that God had let us the right way but through prayer we were able to know for sure and was able to be guided safely home. I even remember on the rest of the way home we only had to bike up one hill which was the street leading us to the apartment complex. It was a great tender mercy!

This week has been busy but not much to record to say we were able to say come from the busyness. However, we still got lots done, had great lessons, went out with a great sister from the ward, meet more of the ward members and was able to continue with the work. I can see this are will be hard, but it will be a great learning experience and I will have to trust in the Lord. I can tell that I am being humbled here in Cary. I am to help the people but also my companion and truly love the ones who we are already teaching. I love Sister Wilson and we are great together. We are very similar and both going through things at home and about what we are going through on the mission. I have never seen a companion who has been going through so much as what so much to be a good missionary and continue to do her best. She is teaching me so much but I know this transfer I am here to help her and hold the weight that is put upon her shoulders with her. I am so grateful for the love that I have given from God and Christ to be able to give to others. I am going to kill Cary with love! Like North Carolinian say the love we have for others is quite Pitiful! ;)

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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