Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being Sick on the Mission is the Worst

Hey Y'all,

This week has been a very trying week! Sister Wilson has been really sick and she just got sicker and sicker everyday so she took a sick day on Saturday! I can honestly say that I hate being sick or having a companion sick! You are stuck inside and I have found how small our apartment really is!

This week we had interviews with President and Sister James on Tuesday! They went really well! I was able to ask for help for ideas to help our area and to help struggling missionaries. Also, I was told by President James that I know now that I was sent to Cary for a reason and that I am really trying to find those we need us. He said I know you were meant to be here in Cary and that Cary is one of the hardest areas, he knew Sister Wilson needed me and he trusted us and knew we will be able to do great things here! It was great to hear him say that and so glad to know that if he trusts us God must have lots of trust in us as well!

Wednesday we were able to meet some new members who the wife is not a member but the husband is less active. We went to see them hoping that the wife might be interested in us teaching her, but she seemed cold to us, but her 9 year old daughter was asking for a Book of Mormon and told us she is not baptized. We felt that she will be a way for us to start a relationship with the family!

This week we were able to get see some sisters who is a recent convert and a less active who the past sisters saw pretty regularly. They are both amazing and so dedicated to the church they both have some medical issues one more severe but both want to do all they can to continue to learn the gospel. Both want to go to the temple soon! Also the recent convert has the best house ever. She has old dial phones and she let us play wit them and call each other with them. She had records and lots of oldies movies. She even had link-in' logs! It made my day! Sad right!?

Saturday, was the worst for Sister Wilson! She was definitely sick and she just looked terrible! I made her sleep and relax while I worked on my talk and worked on the Area book! I put names in my GPS and made appointments. I am really glad that she is doing better because that was too much! I just hope she doesn't get me sick!!!!

Sunday was again my favorite day of the week. I know big shocker! We did a get job on our talks. I cried though and that was embarrassing. I got to sing with the Choir and we went over time..... big time! There was three of us talking and by the time I finished and we got to sing the choir number it was already 10! We were so worried about not having enough to say and instead talk and said too much! However no one was worried and no one teased us or anything! We had lots of members who talked to us about how great we did asked us if we had a dinner for thanksgiving and if they could do anything for us. Lots of the Sisters were very excited to say that if we ever needed a ride or someone to go teach with we could call or text them. From last week when we felt kind of unwelcome and like we weren't wanted to everyone wanting to talk to us was a great day and we felt giving talks helped the Ward get to know us and feel excited to be working with us. After church, we went to the Bishops home to have a lesson with our 16 year old investigator who is dating one of there sons. We reviewed The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation and The Gospel of Jesus Christ! it was a great lesson and she is really thinking about Baptism. She goes to seminary, young women, mutual and is very close to the bishops family. She is very elect and I am so excited to be able to teach her!

Well this was my week and I hope you all have a very great and fabulous Thanksgiving! Remember what all you are grateful for! I am grateful for this wonderful chance to be on my mission here in North Carolina! I miss my family like crazy and realized that this will be my first ever Thanksgiving and then Christmas away from home, but what's 1 to the many more we will have! I hope you all remember all the wonderful things in the world and see that your Heavenly Father loves you! I am grateful for my Savior and for the Atonement and to be able to share it will the world! Like our mission President and his wife says spread the Joy! Love you all!

Sister Farr


Sister Tayler Farr

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