Monday, February 23, 2015

We Work alongside the Prophet and Apostles

Hey Y'all!

This week has become the new best and very favorite week. (i pretty sure it will change again). We had an apostles come and talk to us. It was amazing. Also we had our first transfer training! wait what? I HAVE SURVIVED MY FIRST TRANSFER! Time is going so very fast and i have been told from missionaries going home that its like a blink of an eye. That kind of scares me.

Well, this week was crazy. We had lots of meeting and lots of snow. I loved the snow, but like most of you know my family has ADD and ADHD running in our blood and snow n North Carolina means staying indoors until the snow is gone. Its just so completely cold and you don't want to go outside. when we could go outside though it took us 10 minutes just to get out of our apartment complex. (mostly because my companion is from Arizona). I got to teach my companion how to drive in the snow! Pretty funny telling members about that!

We had a great transfer training and thankfully i had been praying for confidence and reassurance for the meeting so i wouldn't dread the whole meeting and luckily i learned and enjoyed all the lessons and role plays we did at the meeting. The president would teach then each of the assistants and then Sister Bernhisel twice. They all did an amazing job and i got a lot out of it. My prayer helped with that of course. It was such a tender mercy.

The next day we had to wake up at 4:30 and be at the Fuquay  sisters and be at the church building by 7:15 for one of the sisters for a choir practice who is going home on Tuesday. we just sat around till about 8:15 and then we took a picture with Elder Christofferson. It was so amazing and can't wait to get the picture. We all lined up after and shook his hand and two other members of the seventy. I just feel over. It was like holding hands with a movie star. It was God's movie star and he looked at me with love and i knew he was proud of the choice i made of coming on a mission. We then hear from each of the seventies and one of their wives and then heard from Elder Christofferson. He talked about the Holy Ghost and revelation. He then opened it up for questions we had and he answered. Really everything he said was absolutely amazing but the one thing he said that i hope to never forget is that he said that we as missionaries are working alongside the Prophet and his Apostles and the other leaders of our church. That just about killed me! How cool is that we are considered to working alongside the Prophet of God. But now that i think of it it makes sense. We are doing missionary work and so are they. It was just so touching and motivating to hear that.

We sadly didn't get much teaching and preslyliting done this week due to all the meetings and the snow, but we did have the car which was very helpful and taught a new investigator. (one we had track ting to last week). We wanted someone from the ward to come with us and couldn't think of who to bring or ask. We knew she was a baptist! We could only think of one person but she is a talker and thought that it may not go well but Sister Behrmann just said lets see how it goes. I can now say how much my trainer can recognize a prompting and act it. She was so meant to come! We were able to see that they both are so alike. The sister went through exactly what she is going through about the idea of how the Baptist church runs and the way everything is and she feels like she needs something more and that she feels that she actually belongs. While we were talking they both burst into a "hallelujah prayer and it seriously scared me. I didn't see it coming! They both shared bible scriptures that they loved and it was perfect way we got to talk about the Book of Mormon. We all read to her our favorite scriptures from it and the Moroni 10:3-5 scripture and bore our testimony focusing on the idea that it as answered multiple questions and doubt. We asked her if she would read it and she was so enthusiastic saying yes and held onto like she was holding her life in her hands. She even said she would start as soon as we left. We set up an appointment for next week and for a time to give her some service. Wow! another great tender mercy. God's hand was in this and the spirit was so strong. I even felt that she is someone who will be baptized. I have never been so uplifted!!! so happy!

Well, i am running out of time and i had to shorten my letter but i will write this experience in my journal. I never want to forget the feeling I had when we were there. Till next week! Have a great week Y'all! I just realized that when in email next it will be March! Crazy! :)


Sister Tayler Farr

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