Monday, February 23, 2015

8 year old Baptism's are so cute!

Hey Y'all,

Another Great week and full of craziness. I have had a crazy week mostly because i have tried really hard to put myself in new situations where i can grow and we did a lot of tracting. I hate it! it is the scariest thing ever. We did however have a lot of people let us in because of the cold.- I was wearing short-sleeves and they all thought i was crazy. It was a Colorado day. North Carolinians would probably hate Colorado weather!!!! LOL! I did learn that how much i hate tracting it can be effective. We found someone to do service for painting her home and possibly teach her. We talked with a older lady who wanted to come to church and someone who was lookng for a new change and possibly would give us a call. It was mind blowing, really scary, but amazing. I didn't get to say a lot but i felt the spirit so much and i know he helped me. I would walk up strangers porches and whisper to myself of Lord i am trusting you please help us and particularly me. :) I knew he anwsered me.

Your probably all wondering what any of this has to do with my title that i have for this week. We didn't the car and the week didn't go so well we had a lot of appointments fall through and our investigators wouldn't keep commitments so we were already lost with what to do. We had dinner with a family that was having there daughters baptism and asked if we were going. We said yes and they said to invite our investigators and less active. We said we would. Sunday comes around and we didn't have anyone come. It was however one of the coolest and most spiritual baptisms ever that i have attended. Their were two girls who got baptized together. One of the girls had a family member pass away and so they had to reschedule and so they got to do it together. They both were so beautiful. The major thing that surprised me was that i had mentioned that i my family have always broughten a Book Of Mromon and had those who attended to write a little message in it so they could see who came and it would be something they coukld always look back at. THey didn't thnk they could get one before but they did. She kind of changed it around to we would mark our favorite scrptures and then write a small testimony in it. What was a great idea. The moment that surprised me the most was after the girls were baptized and getting dressed they held a testimony meeting for those who were waiting. It was amazing greatest idea. Not a lot was said or many people but i was a great thing to pass the waiting time. I think though the greatest thing that made me love this sweet little baptism was the songs the lessons and the way the two 8 year old girls treated each other they held hands hugged and were so excited and had a beautiful smile on their face. It made t hard to not want to think of my own baptism and how i wished i had wrote down about it and what i was feeling. Thankfully the primary president (which was one of the girls mom) said to write down this experience so they can always remember this day. I thought of ways and things that could help our investigators to get to this point and be baptized and all i could think of was they should be here and mayber they would want this experince for themsleves. I also thought we need to talk more about the blessing of baptism and the Holy Ghost.

I love how strong the spirit is during a baptism. I hope that i can help our investigators to get to this point. I loved my baptism and know how important it is and i hope they can see the same. I know now that i need to testify of my own expeirnce and testify of the blessings and allow them to decide that this is what they should do. What a beautful Sunday and i love everything i am learning.

This week is going to be great and is the last of the transfer. Luckily, i still have 6 more weeks of training. I don't want to leave this wondeful ward. I was spoiled!!!!! Till next week y'all!!!!

Sister Tayler Farr


Sister Tayler Farr 

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