Friday, January 2, 2015

Tayler's First Missionary Email

Dear Family and Friends,

     This week has been short but amazing! i haven't really missed home or gotten homesick. Its probably because i don't get a chance to think of home because i'm so busy or it must be that i am having a blast! Yeah!!! i am having a blast. I have been enjoying everything! the food, my companions, my teachers, my classes, and i love my branch president and his counselors!  I am loving the spirit that's here and the love i have been given.

     My companions are Sister Warner and Sister Bingham they are amazing! So far what everyone has said that is good about a trio companionship has been right. i know we will be great friends and they really are good at helping me with my weaknesses and are always willing to help me when i need an explanation on what we're learning and when i feel like i am not a good person or satan is getting to me they're always their to back me up and reassure me! I know i was given them because of who each of us are! i have been told that i have given them more light in the comments i give as i think i am an out of the box thinker. One down side is they have been trying so hard to get me out of my comfort zone and into what we're doing. These 2 days have been going so fast and i can't believe it is already my third day here. if i could i would serve and keep learning here, but i know North Carolina needs me and i bet when its time to leave i will be excited. one upside is my companions will be able to hold my hand when we fly to North Carolina. Hey, i have finally met someone  going or someones going to my mission.

     Mostly these last days have been really spiritual and I am learning a lot but i thought me being here was away to keep satan away. Boy was i wrong. i think he is working so hard on me especially yesterday. We had a little bit of a scary first day we went into a room where we were teaching an investigator and we had to tell them something on who they are and what they needed. IT WAS TERRIBLE! i didn;t say anything but not a lot of people were saying anything that was right. they would challenge them before they even understood what they were talking about! My companions and i talked and discussed what was wrong and who was saying the right thing and i feel both of what my companions said was probably the only things that sounded right! it really was terrible! on thursday we had a class on discussing how the class of the same investigators went and it was amazing. it really opened my eyes to the concept of listen really listen. Mekena was right you can't listen when your thinking of what your going to say next. We watched little clips of videos from the New York times of different people and we discussed what we're learning from them, how the lord sees them, and what we could give them from the gospel to fit who they are as a person. i never have thought that way and it really opened my eyes that maybe telling them over and over that i love them when i teach can be enough. Also during the same class our teacher talked about how our mission are for those we teach and NEVER or NOT for us. the reason we are on a mission is for "they" not for "you." I could feel Satan telling me that i have to go home because my reason to being here is for my own progression and not for the salvation of who i could be teaching. It scared me but my companions helped me to see that im manipulating myself and not seeing that it goes both ways.

     Last night we met our branch president and his counselors or actually we heard from the president and met his counsellors. they are wonderful and i know i will be loved by them. One of the brother's wife reminded me of Grandma Farr. she is from England but besides the accent she talks and says everything she would say. she called her husband a "pill!" We had a chance to tell them our testimonies and a little about ourselves and i had an impression to talk about my Epilepsy and how i made it through to this point of saying i was mad at Heavenly Father for this terrible trial. that i finally knew that i wasn't cursed i was just tested and one of the counselors had an interview with me and he helped me know that it's hard to learn and that he feels that i am a good person and i will do wonderful things as a missionary. Well, i think this is all the time i have to write but i want you to know i am loving life at the MTC and i love you all and can't wait to talk next Friday! Till Friday!!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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