Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pray for Guidance

Hey Y'all,

     Yes!!! That "y'all" means i'm here in North Carolina. i love it! it has been a crazy first week. i had hard and really good times already. I have even had my first wave of Homesickness!:( (No mom i didn't open your card)!

     The first night we arrived we stayed at the presidents house because transfers wasn't till the next day. That night we jumped right into teaching and role playing and started getting ready for the next days plans. i have never had to write so much in so long. it was like school all over again.

     It was really hard saying goodbye to my MTC companions but i got a wonderful companion. Her name is Sister Behrmann. (Bear man). she goes home right around the time the president and his wife does so she has been my best person. i feel like she will be glad to get rid of me. i ask so many questions and have her explain almost everything to me more than twice.

     This first week i have had my first wave of homesickness and that really scared me. i got worried since it is only my first week and that seemed a little pathetic to me. I could feel my tension while i would be doing my personal study as well as some time in our companion study, but like i said my companion is awesome and has been my rock! I have been focusing on trying to work harder when i feel these feelings come back. i remember Gordon B Hinckley's saying " forget yourself and go to work" i have been able to say that and start reading start praying and yelling at Satan to leave me alone. i don't ever want to use your cards mom!!! i feel better and i push along and remember that i have my best friend and supporter with me and that he will never leave me. i know that Jesus Christ has felt what i felt before and that i can use his atonement to help me.

     Sorry! i don't know what to say this week HAHA! but i really love this ward i'm in and the amazing people they are. Some have southern accents and some don't i will admit that when i go to eat at someones home and they don't have one i get a little sad because i want to learn the best things to say Y'all with. i love this word! haha! The members are so willing to serve the missionaries. We share the car with the Elders and alternate who has it each week and so the weeks we don't have it we always have members willing to go out with us and driving us and sometimes they say something before we even ask them. it's crazy! I love it!!! It makes it so much easier and so easy to love them.

     This Sunday is going to probably be the best for my entire mission. We are having " Invitation Super Sunday." All the wards in the area are going to have church be circled around less actives and nonmembers so that the members can invite friends, and family to church where the lessons and the sacrament is friendly and helps them learn about us. Oh and did i mention their will be food!!! I am so glad that our mission president thought of this and got all the wards in the mission on-board i am so excited and i hope that the members follow through with inviting people to come.

     I have had a great first week in the wonderful world of North Carolina. The weather has been gloomy and cold like my Colorado. it has made me miss home and miss all of you, but every time i feel sad of not being home i feel love and comfort from my heavenly father that this is my calling. That he is with me every step of the way. i know it's going to be hard. I know i will have bad days and hard days, but here in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission WE LOVE HARD DAYS. The hard and bad days will help me gain more motivation. I have come far but i am still far away from where i want to be and i'm ready to go full swing and bring the happiness and love i have been given. I have loved having scripture study and saying prays everyday and i feel so close. I have noticed what Family Home Evening and Scripture study can do for a family so as a missionary i ask all to take the time to have personal and family scripture study and plan for Family home evening. Heavenly Father has given these things to help us have unity in our home and with our families. I promise that doing so you and your family will be blessed and the Savior with grant you peace and love. I love y'all and will love to hear from you soon! Have a great and wonderful week with your families.


Sister Tayler Farr

P.S. The " Haha's" are for Jonathon!!!! Don't forget daily scripture study

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