Friday, January 9, 2015

Only 3 More Days in the MTC

Dear Family and Friends,

i can't believe i'm leaving for North Carolina on monday! actually i have to be at the travel office at 3 am but at least i can sleep on the plane!

So this has been crazy. i've had amazing experiences pretty much everyday and i love my companions. somedays i want to kill one of them but my other companion is amazing we have gone through thick and thin and we are so a like. our families are almost the same. Mostly this week has been packed with the lord challenging me and trying to get me out of my comfort zone and allow myself to just speak up or just teach instead of doubt myself and pull away.

Mostly this week i have learned the importance of companion and personal study when preparing for teaching. i took a class one on one with a sister where she helped me through different scriptures and how to study and how to explain it to a specific investigator or anything. also just last night i noticed the importance of listening and being influenced by the spirit. we have had a hard time preparing a lesson and having it go well. my companions and especially Sister Bingham were getting doubtful and frustrated and i did all i could and prayed so hard and then when we got back together i said we are not going to plan an actual lesson we are just going to read the book of mormon and answer her questions and our end goal should be to try and end with an end goal like bringing the Book of Mormon back to the atonement and so we went in to teach we talked and asked about the Book of Mormon and if she had any questions and it smoothly went into the Plan of Salvation and wow i knew the spirit was there she smiled and she started to get emotional but she always told us what she thought. she told us what she believed and oh my goodness she believed everything we told her and everything she thought about. we finished and left and i have never been so happy and up lifted.

i knew even though it was a practice but not felt so real and so amazing and i knew Heavenly Father was their the whole time and he helped me and my companions. i have dealt with Stress and doubt this week but i have never been more grateful. Don't worry mom not enough to use your letter. i knew that this doubt and fear was coming from Satan and wanted to get me down. i felt like it was motivating me and i was able to strengthen my companions with my love and help to them. i learned also if we plan a lesson and it may not go as planned that my Savior will help me because i put in the work!

I love This Gospel and the light it has broughten me already in just 10 days being in the field and i can't wait for more experience yet to happen.

i have to go but i want to thank to people this week who sent me letters through " Dear Elder" your letters were never more perfect in timing and never has left my mind in how my week has been. i know my Heavenly Father is watching over me and i am where i am supposed to be.  i am grateful i get to finish off my time at the MTC and go to the temple. What better place to go when my weeks has been so enlightening and Next time i will be emailing i will be in Wonderful humid North Carolina and i can finally start the real thing. Till next P-day!

P.S. Sorry no pictures couldn't figure it out on this computer!!!!


Sister Tayler Farr

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